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A comprehensive First Aid Kit designed for use in aircraft


Commercial or private flying, domestic or tourist routes or hunting in remote bush, wherever you fly to, be assured you will have the most commonly required elements of an emergency first aid kit, packed in a sturdy lightweight container.

Southern First Aid has designed four kits for different aircraft occupant capacities.


Aircraft First Aid  Kit


Aircraft Kit 1 
Caters for 1 to 2 occupants   




Aircraft Kit 2 
Caters for 3 to 6 occupants   
$ 88.00




Aircraft Kit 3
Caters for 7 to 12 occupants   
$ 128.00




Aircraft Kit 4
Caters for 13 to 50 occupants   
$ 182.00



 Aircraft First Aid Kits



 Contents Kit 1 Kit 2 Kit 3 Kit 4 
 Hand Wipes 46810 
 Wound wipes46820 
 Crepe Bandages 5cm1233 
 Crepe Bandages 7.5cm1246 
 Triangular Bandage2246 
 Resuscitation Face Shield1123 
 Combined Dressing 10x1022 - - 
 Combined Dressing 20x201224 
 Combined Dressing 20x30--24 
 Burns Water Gel Sachets 2336 
 Sterile Eye Pads2466 
 Gauze Swabs 7.5 x 7.5 - 2's2610  12 
 Disposable Gloves -- Pairs241212 
 Sticking Plasters20202020 
 Plastic Bag 10 x 15cm1 222 
 Saline Sachet 30ml36810 
 Shear Scissors 1111 
 Wound Dressings1246 
 Dressing Strip 6cm x 1cm - 112 
 Survival Blanket 13610 
 Splinter Probes disposable x5---2 
 Insulation Tape1111 
Tape 2.5cm--11 
Steri Strip 3mm x 51122 
First Aid Tips Guide1111