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Commercial Jet Boat first aid kit - in a floating watertight box
This kit complies with the requirements of Maritime NZ Rule Part 80 - Jan 1999

Commercial Jet Boat  Kit


 Contents - Commercial Jet Boat first aid kit


 Accident Register1
Wound Wipes10
 Crepe Bandages 5cm2
 Crepe Bandages 7.5cm3
 Triangular Bandage3
 Resuscitation Face Shield2
 Combined Dressing 10 x 104
 Combined Dressing 20 x 202
 Combined Dressing 30 x 202
 Non Adherent Sterile Dressing 7.5 x 54
 Non Adherent Sterile Dressing 7.5 x 102
 Gauze Swabs2
 Dressing Strip1
 Plasters 40
 Disposable Gloves - Pairs4
 Plastic Waste Bag 1
 Saline Neubles 30ml4
Hand Sanitiser6
 Antiseptic Wipes8
 Electrical Insulation Tape1
 Splinter Probes Disposable x52
 Tape Medical1
 Steri Strip2
Emergency Blanket1
 First Aid Tips Guide1


Save administration time by buying our ready made purpose specific kit, Designed for providing first aid to injuries which could occur in the event of a commercial jet boating mishap. 

This kit is fully compliant with Maritime NZ rule part 80 - Jan 1999.