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Mobile first aid kit - Nylon/vinyl Pouch


A comprehensive First Aid kit, easy to grab and run to an emergency.

Designed for the car.

Light and strong nylon bag 
folds open to reveal well
organized clear vinyl fold out compartments. 
This kit has loops on the 
back for wearing on a belt, 
carry handle. 
See at a glance what you need in a hurry.



Mobile First Aid Pouch Kit


Antiseptic Wipes 2
 Wound Wipes 2
Crepe Bandage 5cm 1
 Crepe Bandage 7.5cm 1
 Triangular Bandage 1
 Resuscitation Face Shield 1
 Combined Dressing 10 x 10 1
 Combined Dressing 20 x 20 1
Steri Strip 1
Non Adherent Pad 5 cm 1
Non Adherent Pad 10cm 1
 Hand Sanitisers 2
 Sticking Plasters12
 Gauze Swabs  2
 Disposable Gloves - Pairs 4
 Plastic Rubbish Bag  1
 Saline Neuble  20ml 1
 Scissors 1
 Survival Blanket 1
 Tape  1
 First Aid Tips Guide 1
 Nylon Bag Medium 1