The ZOLL AED Plus® is the only Full-Rescue AED that supports both CPR and defibrillation. For infrequent rescuers, the AED Plus supports the complete chain of survival. The unique graphical user interface – pictures combined with text displays and voice prompts – helps the rescuer perform every important life-saving action every step of the way.


AED Plus features Real CPR Help®, a tool to help the rescuer achieve the correct rate and depth of chest compressions during CPR through visual and voice prompts. Feedback such as "PUSH HARDER", "GOOD COMPRESSIONS" and an adaptive metronome to guide compression rate help accomplish quality compressions.


The AED Plus offers:

  • Support for the full Chain of Survival with easy to understand audio prompts and visual icons. 
  • Real CPR Help for feedback on the rate and depth of compressions. 
  • A one piece, easy to place electrode with a 5 year shelf life. 
  • A rugged design that resists dust and water (IP55) 
  • Uses off the shelf lithium camera batteries with a 5 year shelf life 

Other important features:

  • ZOLL Rectilinear Biphasic™ Waveform (RBW) 
  • Intelligent pediatric capability with pedi•padz®II Pediatric Electrodes

Weekly defibrillatior hire and defibrillatior lease options available.

Life saving defibrillation equipment available for sale or hire at Southern First Aid. 

Zoll ©AED Plus

Full rescue AED

Purchase price $3,220 each

Daily rental price $7.00

Weekly lease to buy price $30.00 

Zoll AED Plus / Pro Training Kit