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Soft First Aid Kit






Soft Kit $48.00













 Workplace 1-25 First Aid Kit Soft Pack

This First Aid Kit is portable and is suitable for use in the workplace, office and other industrial uses. 




It may have been a while since you last looked into the first aid kit.


Our Workplace first aid kit makes it easy to ensure you will have everything on hand if you need to respond quickly in an emergency situation. Cuts grazes burns or scalds etc...



  Contents - Workplace 1-25 First Aid Kit Soft Pack

It contains the following items

2 x Triangle Bandage
1 x Crepe Bandage 5cm
1 x Crepe Bandage 7.5cm
1 x Fabric Tape on Spool 25mm
1 x First Aid Tips
2 x Clean Up Bag
1 x Scissors Medium Rescue Shear
10 x Safety Pins
1 x First Aid Economy Tweezer
5 x Antiseptic Wipes
1 x CPR Face Shield
2 x Examination Gloves Pair
3 x Eye Pad Single
4 x Gauze Swabs 2's Sterile Non-Woven
1 x Non Adherent Dressings 7.5 x 5cm
2 x Non Adherent Dressings 7.5 x10cm
1 x Wound Dressing Medium
1 x Wound Dressing Large
1 x Combine Dressing 9 x 10cm
1 x Combine Dressing 9 x 20cm
12 x Fabric Plasters Assorted 
50 x Fabric Plasters in 2 Packs of 25
1 x Fabric Plaster 1m Dressing Strip
4 x Ampule Saline 30ml
1 x Hep Warning Label
1 x Soft Kit

Does not included the soft kit in the photo.
Note Specification and/or sizes of product may vary if not available at time of packaging.