Southern First Aid  specialises in providing quality first aid and resuscitation equipment to business and private individuals.

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Being prepared for any first aid emergency minimises further damage occurring due to delayed treatment...

Keep Up To Date With Current First Aid Techniques.






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The Right First Aid Kit

Our kits comprise a huge range of top quality and up to date medical grade products.

We sell individual items to restock your kits as they contents are needing replenished, and stock a wide range of additional injury support and life saving equipment such as thermal blankets, splints, braces, burn care treatments and defibrillators.


If there's an item you require and we haven't listed it we will get it for you.



Southern First Aid supplies defibrillators to the public - for hire or for purchase. Full support and training is available....


Q: Who should keep a Defibrillator?

A: Anyone involved with the care and organization of people of all ages. 

Q: Why should we keep a Defibrillator?
A: Cardiac Arrest strikes people of all ages and fitness levels, usually without warning. 
Many of these lives could be saved if trained responders provide defibrillation within minutes.


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Southern First Aid Has has been aquired by Seth Rawnsley.



We are partnering with First Aid Training Provider so we can still be of assistance to you.


For Training Services you can Contact Seth and he will arrange First Aid Training for you or your team.