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Multisports Pouch 


 Contents - Multi Sports first aid kit


 Antiseptic Wipes 1
 Crepe Bandage1
 Combined Dressing 10 x 101
 Gauze Swab1
 Sticking Plasters 4
 Disposable Gloves - Pairs1
 Resuscitation Face Shield1
 Survival Blanket1
 Waterproof Matches1
 Sodium Chloride Neuble1
 First Aid Brochure




Weekend sports people from all disciplines, we have a kit with the essentials to administer first aid on the sports field, sprains, strains cuts and grazes and more.

choose to restock your own kit with our items as listed or purchase in the convenient nylon pouch.


with Pouch $22.50




with Sealable Plastic Bag $17.50




First Aid Kit In A Choice Of Nylon Pouch Or Resealable Plastic Bag