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Designed for short term hire to meet the needs of events organizers, and work situations that may involve risk or geographical remoteness. Includes specialized medical equipment and general/consumable first aid requirements.


Rapid Response Backpack Kit


 Backpack Rapid Response Kit


 Multi fit C Collar 1
 Guedal Airways  Set 1
 Paed Bag and Mask 1
 Child Bag and Mask 1
 Adult Bag and Mask 1
 Sam Splints  1
 Large First Aid Kit 1
 Shears 1
 Multi Cuff B/P Set 1
 Stethoscope 1
 Pulse Oximeter 1
 Thermometer 1
 Blood Glucose Meter 1
 Insulation Tape  1
Extra large Dressings 1
Extra Roller Bandages 3
Cold Packs 2
 Thermal Rescue Blanket 2
 Hand Suction 1

 Hiring Costs 

Rapid Response Backpack


$25 / Pack Per Day 







$140 / Pack Per Week