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Recreational Boatie's First Aid Kit


In a floating watertight box. A great gift idea for boaties!


 Contents - Recreational Boatie's first aid kit


Wound Wipes4
 Antiseptic Wipes 4
 Crepe Bandages 5cm1
 Crepe Bandages 7.5cm1
 Triangular Bandage1
 Resuscitation Face Shield1
 Combined Dressing 10 x 101
 Combined Dressing 20 x 201
 Non Adherent Sterile Dressing 7.5 x 51
 Non Adherent Sterile Dressing 7.5 x 101
 Gauze Swabs 7.5 x 7.5cm4
 Dressing Strip 6cm x 1m1
 Sterile Eye Pads1
 Plasters 10
 Disposable Gloves - Pairs4
 Plastic Waste Bag 1
 Saline Neubles 20ml2
 Scissors 1
 Splinter Probes Disposable x51
 Tape Medical1
 Steri Strip 3mm x 51
 First Aid Tips Guide


 Plastic Box1
 Survival Blanket1


Dont let a lack of preparation spoil your time on the water. Ever cut yourself with the bait knife or slipped on a wet deck? Accidents happen when least expected - This kit will help get you to shore in one piece. An absolute necessity to keep in the boat.
Designed with fishermen, waterskiiers and recreational boaties & divers in mind.